Welcome to my personnal blog.

This one is for advanced Linux/Unix administrator seeking for new tips or beginners.

Please find below a small description about my profile and Specialities:

Professional Profile

  • Senior System Engineer (Unix, Linux and Windows)
  • Database Administrator (Oracle, MySQL)
  • Senior Billing System Engineer
  • System Solution Integrator Engineer
  • WebDesigner (PHP, Apache, HTML/CSS)
  • System Administration (Unix/Linux/Windows)
  • System Installation Automatosation (Kickstart, Jumpstart)
  • Satellite (RedHat provisionning)
  • Virtualization(Solaris zones, Vmware, Citrix)
  • Backup (Legato/Netbackup, RMAN)
  • Database Administration (Oracle ,MySQL)
  • Monitoring (TeamQuest)
  • Cluster Administration (Veritas 5.x/SunCluster 3.x)
  • Application Engineer (Websphere, Weblogic, SWIFT, MQ)
  • Web development (XHTML, CSS, php, mysql)
  • Shell Scripting (Korn, Bash, awk, sed)
  • Data parsing (SQL Loader, mediation adapter)
  • Unix/Linux security (IAM, hardening…)
  • Webserver administration (Apache, IIS, WAMP)
  • Technical writing (procedure, report, SOW)
  • ITTL (Snow)
  • Support level ¾
  • ICT Trainer
  • Patching (RedHat Satellite, OPS Center)
  • Audit (SPlunk)
  • System Solution Integrator Engineer


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